Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Finally done! This was a mystery we did at camp last September. Laura, Pine Ridge Quilter, provided all our clues. This was a fun mystery to do at camp and see all the different quilts that came out of the same pattern. I did increase the size by adding the two borders and added the applique. Vicki Kirby in IN. quilted it for me and did a fantastic job. Sorry you can't see the detail on this because it is fabulous.

You can see my DGD, Abby, peeking out on the left side. She has had a rough few days. On Saturday she fell while riding her scooter and skinned her knee really bad. Her Mom cleaned and dressed it but Abby took the bandage off on Sunday morning. For lunch she decided to fix herself Ramen Noodles in the microwave (which she has been doing for a long time). Not thinking, as is common for most pre-teens, she pulled it out without a pot holder and immediately spilled it down her leg causing a 3rd degree burn from the middle of her upper leg down to and including the skinned knee. After a trip to the ER and some meds to prevent infection and help with the pain, she finally went back to school today, bandaged and limping.

YEA! OC #3 done

I really had a hard time with this step. Having to do the mirror image really confused me. Took me a while to get it all figured out, but it is done. Sure hope we get to bigger pieces pretty soon and get into our major colors. I'm getting excited about seeing how this is going to turn out. Impatient also.


Carol said...

Wonderful quilt and I love the applique! Your poor grandaughter! I can't imagine how that would hurt. :(
Glad she is getting along ok though, she sure has a cute smile behind that quilt!

Laura said...

It is gorgeous!!!! I was able to see it quilted at guild when Vicky delivered it to Linda. She did a beautiful job. I hope Abbey is getting back to normal.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh poor abby! but she probably loved the pampering! And your quilt is wonderful! Can't wait to do another this year!