Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a wonderful 4 days I had with some of our fellow bloggers and some non-bloggers. If you can, you need to check out some of the other bloggers that were there, Dawn and Laura (http://www.pineridgequilter.blogspot.com/) . I am only listing these two right now, because I know they have posted pictures of our winter retreat.
I did not get as much accomplished as I would have liked to because I came down with a bad cold on the first day there. Riding in airplanes does it to me every time.

Carol (http://www.cornfieldquilter-carol.blogspot.com/) met us at Miss Mary's on Saturday during a very cold morning to bring me my OTR quilt. What a beautiful job she did on the quilting.

I added additional borders on both sides in order to get it to King Size. This one is going to daughter & husband in Kerrville, TX. She just loves scrappy quilts and I know this one will please her and get a lot of use.

I also finished all my blocks for Double Delight but with 12 of us in that little house with sewing machines going, there was not enough room to lay them all out. So I packed them away to finish here at home. I had started some Pineapple blocks at Camp in IN last Sept., so I went back to work on those for the remainder of my stay at Miss Mary's.

DD, Tammy, sent me this Edible Bouquet. It was almost too pretty to eat. However, DH and I have made short work of it this weekend.

We escaped yesterday and went to Shreveport, LA to the casino for a day of fun and to celebrate my B'day. We had a great time and I can really tell I'm getting older because we were back home by 9:30 last night and I was in bed by 10:30.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

This is Miss Mary's in Indiana. Will be leaving for this retreat on the 21st and will have 5 glorious days of fellowship, laughter and lots of quilting activity.

Isn't this a neat place? We have enough room for about 12 sewing machines (cramped but adequate). We occasionally blow a few fuses. We sleep 6 upstairs and 3 downstairs. There is a kitchen and we all take turns preparing a meal. The day campers come and go at all times of the day. It is a blast.

Convenient quilt store next door. This old church has been turned into a quilt store and is right next door. How neat is that!!!! The same people own both places and really cater to us quilters.

I am counting the hours till I get on that plane and head to a wonderful retreat with my good friends. The only thing that will make it extra special is if we have a nice snow while I am there - not a lot, just enough to make it beautiful for a few days and satisfy my snow fix for the year.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Bonnie's NYE mystery is coming along. A lot of cutting and trimming but it is going to be great. All of Step 1 done, Step 2 half way there, Step 3 cut out. That is as far as I have gotten. Hopefully, I am going to have all pieces cut out and assembled by the time I leave for a mini retreat in Indiana on the 21st. Plan to assemble all the blocks and quilt top while I am there. I have to ship all this by the end of next week, so I best stay busy.

While we are at our retreat we hope to get Laura (http://www.pineridgequilter.blogspot.com/) to give us lessons on Tonya's letters so will be taking some fabric to do that. I have an attic windows wall hanging that I want to put words on for my 7 yr old grandson. Looking forward to that project.