Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is a picture of 25 scarfs made for my DD who is a fine arts teacher in an elementary school. She brought me 4 yards of the creepy crawly scarf fabric and I was about ready to disown her for it. This is the worst stuff to work with and she wanted rolled hem all around. Thank goodness for Sergers. They were suppose to be 12" square so I cut them (not very well) 15" and hoped I could square them up to at least 12" while doing the roll hem. It doesn't look like there is 25 of them here so that should tell you how difficult this fabric is to work with. I do like the colors, however, and am sure the kids will enjoy using them. It will be a fun time for them.

Packing to head off to Indiana and guild camp on Wed. a.m. Have to drive to Dallas and spend the night Tues. in order to catch the plane at 8 a.m. Wed. The only hitch in this scenario is Gustav, the hurricane brewing. Don't want to wish back luck on New Orleans but sure hope it misses TX because it will play havoc with my trip on Wed. Timing is everything here.

Shipped 2 boxes to IN on Monday. All my projects I will be working on plus everything else I will need. One box weighed 36 lbs! Had to get DH to help me get it in the UPS office. I keep a Featherweight up there for these retreats, so that is one thing I don't have to worry about. My DSIL keeps a drawer and corner in her sewing room for all my stuff. Got the clothes packing down to a science. 1 carry on suitcase for 6 days.

Looking forward to a great week of sewing, friendship and fellowship.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

There was a group of us quilters that went to FL last year to stay with our good friend and fellow quilter, Mel, at her home around St. Petersburg. In our quilt store hop, I fell in love with the fish fabric we saw. This is the first stage of this project. Don't you like the attic windows? Looks like an aquarium, I think.

The "Challenge" is to come up with words to be done in the border. The second challenge is to my friends who we have been dubbed "Queen" of words (learned from Tonya). They will have to give me lessons in this stage which I hope they will do when we are at Camp in IN in a couple of weeks.

Join the fun and give me your ideas for words. It might help to know that I plan to give this to my 7 yr. old grandson for his room.