Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I decided the other jacket was a little to small, so back to the fabric store. Tried to find some heavier fleece but all they had in heavier stuff was solid. I knew daughter wouldn't like that so spent about an hour feeling all the fleece they had. She really likes SW theme so this was the best I could do. Bright isn't it?

Guess the other one will have to go to GD..of course you know how difficult it is to get 13 yr olds to wear a coat. It usually ends up tied around the waist.

A few more satin pillow cases to make tonight then back to OTR quilt. Should be able to get center finished tomorrow and start cutting the first border. A bunch of flying geese, so that will take awhile.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


My girls seem to know when to call and request certain things. This week it has been "Mom, do you still have the pattern for ----, can you make me ----, will you make (grand daughter) -----.

Got busy and got some of them done today. The first thing is a copy of a Neiman Marcus jacket from about 14 years ago. It came out when Polar Fleece was brand new (never thought the fleece would take off like it did).

This took me most of the afternoon because of all the fringe that had to be cut. When I finished it, I realized my mind was not working real well when I bought the fleece. I got the regular fleece fabric instead of the heavier Polar Fleece. So this jacket is not going to be as heavy or as warm as it should be. Hope it will be OK for daughter in Southwest TX where it usually doesn't get that cold. If it isn't, will probably be making another one sometime soon.

The next project to be accomplished was satin pillowcases. One daughter's birthday is Monday and this was her request. Of course when I told the other daughters that I was making them it was "Oh, Mom, I need a new set too". Those will have to be Christmas.

In the background you can see half of the center of the "Old Tabacco Road" quilt that is a mystery by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. Doesn't it look like fun? I have still got a ways to go with it and also try to figure out how to get it to King Size with some easy border additions. I'm pulling a Scarlett O'Hara "I'll think about that Tomorrow".

It's time to give the mind, body and fingers a rest and get some sleep. Have a nice weekend everyone.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Weekend Is Over

I went into my sewing room on Saturday to try to put it into some order and after moving fabric around from one place to another and then back again, I finally sat down and laughed. I was making no progress because I kept running into future projects and would stop to think about it and feel the fabric. When I realized what I was doing, I decided to get rid of some of the big pieces I had put back to make Pillow Quilts.

This is the fruit of my labors from the weekend. The Southwest one is for daughter and son-in-law in Kerrville who are into SW and the Dalmation one is for 7 yr old GS. My family (all 3 girls) just love these quilts. For those who do not know about them they are 42" x 72" and fold up into a pocket making a pillow. I can't begin to count how many of these I have made over the last 10 years.

YEA! 8 yards of fabric gone from my stash. I have put away all ongoing projects and refuse to get them back out till I clean up the mess in the sewing room. Need new bins for fabric because some are falling apart, so it is off to Wal Mart I go. New Years resolution!!!! DO NOT BUY ANYMORE FABRIC. Work with what I have. Word to the wise, I have never kept a New Years resolution yet.

My sewing room is the storage closet that was at the back of the garage. When we bought this house we closed it up and cut an opening into it from the laundry room. It is not very big so all my fabric is in bins and stacked to the ceiling. At the moment, I have as much on the floor as I do in bins. There is a path to the sewing machine and the ironing board is at my back. That's all that is needed, right?

Pray for me, I really need help to stay on track in the cleaning up process.