Thursday, May 01, 2008


First things first. PADUCAH was a great time. Being with good friends, seeing beautiful quilts and MEGA Shopping! Hancocks still blows my mind every time I walk in there. Below are a few of my favorite quilts at the show. Can you tell I like bright!

The Zodiac sign quilt is by far my favorite. There were so many beautiful quilts and the minatures were amazing. So many great ideas but just not enough time in my life to do all I want to.

Returned home to TX on Monday and was immediately thrown into real life again. However, I did manage to get to my sewing room late on Wed. and finish Part 2 of OC.

Will try to get to Part 3 after my shipment of boxes arrive today. My new companion ruler is in there and I want to use it. Had to raid my DSIL stash for more metallics to hopefully finish this quilt. I thought I had enough but I began to panic. Thank goodness she comes to my rescue. (OFTEN)

I am getting real curious as to what this is going to look like. Excited also. I have mixed these blocks up so much there is no rhyme or reason to any of them. Hope I am not disappointed as to how they all go together. I am notorious for second guessing myself. Does anyone else do that?

It is back to taking care of business here. UGH!! Also taking time out to clean house. Having a group of women (12) here on next Tues. to play Mah Jongg. So sewing time is going to be whenever I can work in a few minutes here and there.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh your step 2 pieces look great! And did you see, step 3 needs the companion angle! You did good with the pics!

sossy said...

I bet you had a blast at Paducah. Glad I am the only one not completely caught up with the Orange Crush blocks. Hope to get mine done this weekend.