Saturday, April 19, 2008


I really like these things. Of course, when I try to put those top and bottom pieces on as a "Y" seam I am still asking myself why did I start this project. Ran out of some major colors so will have to do some shopping in Paducah. Also need to locate some spangles and beads that will be put on each star point. My nephew is cutting some templates for me (he works for a glass company) that will be used to cut the fill in parts of this (Black Fabric). Will pick those up while I am IN. next week. I haven't looked at the rest of the directions but I am sure it will involve more "Y" seams. Ugh!! Thinking seriously of leaving the final assembly for Quilt Camp in Sept. so I will have a lot of expert help on this part. (good thinking on my part)

It is back to packing for me. Think I just about have it, if I don't change my mind again.

Also going to go check out "Red Box" ($1.00 movie rentals) for "Atonement". A quiet Saturday night for DH and I.

Friday, April 18, 2008


The time will go so slow this weekend because I can't wait.

Leaving on Monday early for Indiana to meet up with the quilt girls for our annual trip to Paducah, KY. So this weekend is going to be packing, unpacking and repacking. Putting everything I will need for 7 days in one small suitcase, plus fabric for working on part 2 of Orange Crush Mystery.

I was getting my fabric cut for #2 when all of a sudden I couldn't find my little Easy Angle. In a panic I called my DSIL in IN. to make sure she could find hers. So everything is cut but the lights which I will do there. Fortunately, I will have 2 days there to get all 142 pieces done so I will be ready for Part 3, when I return from this trip.

Taking grand-daughter shopping this weekend, also. That will call for a few alcoholic drinks by the end of the day. She is 12 going on 18 (or at least she thinks so). Time to get summer clothes and her idea of a bathing suit and mine are totally different. This will be interesting.

Will try to get a picture of my Batik Jewels that are completed on the blog this weekend. Sure hope I remember how to do that.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Dawn did all my graphics for me. Thank you again for a wonderful job.

Some may ask why Tyler Rose...well Tyler, TX is called the Rose Capital of the world. The roses you buy to plant in your yard probably came from here. The Rose industry made this town along with the Oil & Gas industry. Of course, you also have to remember the old song "Yellow Rose of Texas" thus Tyler Rose w/yellow roses. AHHHH

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Orange Crush 4 patches. Can't believe I actually got this loaded on here. Boy, do I have a lot to learn on this blogging thing. Y'all be patient with me.

I did it. Now I will have to work with y'all to see how to do other things on this blog.
Maybe since DSIL is cleaning up her computer desk we can get to it next week when we get there. This is exciting....I did something.
OK! Got to this point. Not sure I can get back to it, but at least this is a start. Will try posting this and getting back in to do another post. Thanks Dawn