Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Before anyone sends me an email about the spelling, I want you to know this is the correct spelling. This little girl is going to go through life with people misspelling her name. I was going to applique the letters on but was running out of time, so I called on my dear friend, Joyce, to monogram them for me. After she saw the completed quilt, she said "do you think we could make these to order for people?" I did not respond!

At the moment I don't think we have any more babies, in the family, on the horizon for awhile.
Thank Goodness!

I'm afraid to say anything about it, but I think Spring is here. Our trees have budded, Azaleas are budding and beginning to pop out, the Daffodils are up and beautiful in a sea of yellow, Tulip trees are full of blossoms and the garden centers are packed with people. Sure hope Mother Nature doesn't slip a freeze in on us.

Working on Double Delight. Have the center done and ready to start on the borders. As most of you know, I did not do mine in pink but in brown/blue/gold/green. There is so much green I've decided it needs a St. Patrick's day name. So I was thinking "St. Paddy's Double Delight". Will post a picture as soon as I get the borders on this weekend.

Until next time, happy quilting and stay warm.

Monday, February 09, 2009

is done
and on its way to Kerrville, TX
Once again a big thanks to Carol (www.cornfieldquilter-carol.blogspot.com) for the beautiful quilting job done. Finished putting on the binding today (even remembered to put a label on) and loaded it into DD's car this evening. She is headed down to San Antonio for a Music Convention for teachers and staying with her sister in Kerrville (65 miles from San Antonio). So the deadline was on to finish it in order to save on shipping.
I have made the resolution to not do any big projects after I finish Double Delight. I need to finish up some small ones and get things out of my sewing room. Of course, like most resolutions that will probably go by the wayside as soon as Bonnie (Quiltville.com) post another mystery or as she has renamed them - Challenges. Will keep you posted on my ability to stay on track.