Friday, May 16, 2008


All of a sudden I have been overwhelmed by Baby Shower invitations. As I was opening 2 the other day, my thoughts went to what to buy. DUH! You have all this fabric and it doesn't take much to make a baby quilt. So I got busy and made this one out of 30's prints I had left over from making both of my granddaughters quilts a few years back. Have enough to make about 3 quilts without going to the store. GOOD FOR ME!

The pinwheels go together real quick and I did machine quilt it (easy stitch in the ditch). Should hold up with all the washings it is going to get. Have the other two cut out, just need to put them together.

Today is our 44th Wedding Anniversary. Some years back we went on a year to year renewal. Asked my DH last night if we were going to renew for another year. "Let me sleep on that" was his reply. We have committments tonight, so celebration will be put off to another day.


Carol said...

What a sweet little quilt. Some little one will be very happy.
Congrats on the anniversary!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh that is an adorable baby quilt!

Laura said...

First off a very Happy Anniversary to you and Steve!!! Wow 44 years. I can't imagine.
I love the little pinwheel quilt. I want one for myself as I love the colors. I am going to have to pull my 30's prints out.