Saturday, March 14, 2009


At Old Tippecano Quilt Guild camp last September, we started a block of the month project to be completed by our camp in 2009. These are just a few of the blocks that will be in "Farmer's Market" by Pat Sloan ( I haven't done any applique in quite awhile and have really enjoyed doing it again. The strawberry block is not complete because it goes into a border at the top.

I am staying on tract about not starting any new big projects. I have a lot of things unfinished (UFO'S) that I am anxious to complete. Most of my quilt friends really get a kick out of this because up until the last few years, I would not start anything new until I had completed what I was working on. Over the years they have managed to corrupt me. So stay tuned for completed projects to be posted.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh man! Your blocks look so cool! I love them!

Linda C. said...

The blocks are just adorable, Jan! Maybe we have corrupted each other. I've been focusing on PIP's and haven't started anything new, though I have plenty of "kits" put aside to launch!

Laura said...

They look great Jan, love the background for your pies!