Saturday, March 07, 2009


Took this picture at the Four Winds Renaissance Festival just south of town. This of course is, Abby, our 13 yr old GD. She did a good job and I am sure will improve a lot more since she will be doing this every weekend this month. This is a very interesting setting. A lot of strange looking people, all dressed in costume. LOL!!! It was a beautiful day but windy. I believe I am wind burned.

Abby and friends as they waited for their Henna Tattoos. All three got a rose in the center of their lower backs. (my first question was how long do these last - 3 weeks tops) Since this event last about 4 more weeks, I figure we will have to have one more, so we are looking at 6 weeks. I am shaking my head.

Did survive GS and buddies arriving at 3 a.m. on Friday morning. They slept till 9 a.m., fed them breakfast and they were on their way by 10:30. I must say it gives me a lot more confidence in the next generation after having these 4 guys here. Very well mannered, clean cut and considerate young men.

It has been a grandchild weekend, very enjoyable, but awfully glad I don't have to do this every day.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh how cute! And look how beautiful all 3 are! I let Emily get one of those Henna tatoo's. She loved it. I bet it didn't last more than 2 weeks. But she had fun getting it! Boy is GD so beautiful!

Cornfield Quilter said...

What a great weekend! Your GD is adorable and will break many hearts one day. I am like you, I love my grandchildren so much but I love the peace and quiet when they are gone. Now I know why we have children when we are young! :D

Laura said...

Abby is beautiful! It sounds like you had a great weekend with the grandkids!