Saturday, October 25, 2008


My girls seem to know when to call and request certain things. This week it has been "Mom, do you still have the pattern for ----, can you make me ----, will you make (grand daughter) -----.

Got busy and got some of them done today. The first thing is a copy of a Neiman Marcus jacket from about 14 years ago. It came out when Polar Fleece was brand new (never thought the fleece would take off like it did).

This took me most of the afternoon because of all the fringe that had to be cut. When I finished it, I realized my mind was not working real well when I bought the fleece. I got the regular fleece fabric instead of the heavier Polar Fleece. So this jacket is not going to be as heavy or as warm as it should be. Hope it will be OK for daughter in Southwest TX where it usually doesn't get that cold. If it isn't, will probably be making another one sometime soon.

The next project to be accomplished was satin pillowcases. One daughter's birthday is Monday and this was her request. Of course when I told the other daughters that I was making them it was "Oh, Mom, I need a new set too". Those will have to be Christmas.

In the background you can see half of the center of the "Old Tabacco Road" quilt that is a mystery by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. Doesn't it look like fun? I have still got a ways to go with it and also try to figure out how to get it to King Size with some easy border additions. I'm pulling a Scarlett O'Hara "I'll think about that Tomorrow".

It's time to give the mind, body and fingers a rest and get some sleep. Have a nice weekend everyone.


belinda said...

WOW have been....and will be a busy lil bee.....i so want to do a tobacco road quilt...i really like the design..yours is lookin good.....!!

dot said...

I like your Tobacco Road. Did you change the size of the blocks to 2.5 inches instead of 2, they look bigger than mine. I would love to see a full picture of yours.

Fran said...

Hi Jan, you've been almost as busy as I've been. I'll have 2 pillow quilts done by tomorrow. I'll have to send the pictures to you by e-mail as I can't post them. The kids, (all of them), check out mom's (nana's) blog regularly and I sure don't want them to see them. I'm having fun with them.

I wanted to make Old Tobacco Road but since I still haven't finished putting the top together of Orange Crush I thought I'd just keep chewing tobacco for


Cornfield Quilter said...

I love your OTR quilt! My kind of colors. :D Tell me, is satin hard to work with? I have always wanted to try but am afraid it would be hard to handle???

Laura said...

The jacket is awesome. What a neat idea. I just purchased a fringed jacket and it cost me a fortune and the weight of the fleece is really light weight.

Linda C. said...

Looking good, Jan . . . love your Tobacco Road. Took mine to Virginia, but didn't work on it a lick. Did put together a Halloween quilt with Ben, and made a dragon cape for his stuffed animal, too! Wish you were going to Florida next week!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Hmmm, does that pattern come in very very very big? I"m liking them!