Monday, June 09, 2008

The orange really jumps out at ya! I really like it though. The only thing that disappoints me is the star blocks do not show up very well. Probably using the purple in the star blocks and the pink or apple green in the center of the orange blocks would have been better. But I do like it. this moment I am planning on putting the apple green as solid border then the pieced border followed by the Pink. Working on the pieced border and hopefully will have it all together by this weekend.

DH arrived home late Thursday night. He drove straight through and was totally exhausted by the time he got home. I would like to say it was because he was rushing home to me, but I think the comfort of our bed was the more appealing thing. There is nothing like your own bed.

I have gotten more Batik Jewels done. Only 6 more to go. Sure hope I can put them all together when I get them done. Haven't read that far in the directions yet...scared to! Anyone who wants to help me is more than welcome to come here and do so. At least hold my hand.


Quilts And Pieces said...

I love it!

Carol said...

I think your quilt is awesome! It reminds me of orange sherbert or a summer umbrella. Totally cool! The pieced border sure took some time but I am so glad I did mine that way. I am anxious to see how yours will turn out. :D

Linda C. said...

I love it, Jan! It's just so fresh and summery looking . . . like Orange Sherbet. Hope you bring it to Camp.

Laura said...

Yours and mine look alot alike Jan. I used my purple for the star points and my green for the background and the purple really doesn't show up either. I think the orange is going to reach out and grab you no matter what. As always you did good! It looks great.