Thursday, April 17, 2008


Dawn did all my graphics for me. Thank you again for a wonderful job.

Some may ask why Tyler Rose...well Tyler, TX is called the Rose Capital of the world. The roses you buy to plant in your yard probably came from here. The Rose industry made this town along with the Oil & Gas industry. Of course, you also have to remember the old song "Yellow Rose of Texas" thus Tyler Rose w/yellow roses. AHHHH


Carol said...

I love your graphics! Yellow roses are my favorite flower.
That is what I want to do except cornfields instead of roses. I have alot to learn before I can do that!

Laura said...

I love it! I now have Dawn working on mine.

Linda C. said...

I want a beautiful header, too! I think we will all owe Dawn at least an extra fat quarter on the trip next week!

Hard for me to decide what kind of a graphic to put on mine. Perhaps I should post a photo of my tea pot village!