Friday, April 18, 2008


The time will go so slow this weekend because I can't wait.

Leaving on Monday early for Indiana to meet up with the quilt girls for our annual trip to Paducah, KY. So this weekend is going to be packing, unpacking and repacking. Putting everything I will need for 7 days in one small suitcase, plus fabric for working on part 2 of Orange Crush Mystery.

I was getting my fabric cut for #2 when all of a sudden I couldn't find my little Easy Angle. In a panic I called my DSIL in IN. to make sure she could find hers. So everything is cut but the lights which I will do there. Fortunately, I will have 2 days there to get all 142 pieces done so I will be ready for Part 3, when I return from this trip.

Taking grand-daughter shopping this weekend, also. That will call for a few alcoholic drinks by the end of the day. She is 12 going on 18 (or at least she thinks so). Time to get summer clothes and her idea of a bathing suit and mine are totally different. This will be interesting.

Will try to get a picture of my Batik Jewels that are completed on the blog this weekend. Sure hope I remember how to do that.


Quilts And Pieces said...

I don't even have anything cut for part 2 yet! Oh well! I'll catch up!

Anonymous said...
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