Monday, November 02, 2009


Can't believe it has been almost 3 months since I have posted. Been a busy, sorrow filled and painful time for me.

I belong to a group of quilt ladies that are absolutely my best friends. We were all at quilt camp together the first week in September and had a great time. A few weeks later we lost one of our group. She was one of the youngest of the group and we all thought of her as our "Mom" because she always looked after us and was the one to jump in and help without us even asking. She will be truly missed.


Dawn at "Quilts & Pieces" taught us how to make these table runners. They are really addictive. Made from border print fabrics and are fast and easy. Thanks Dawn for giving us a great present to make for family and friends.

I have been suffering from some really bad pain in my right hip and leg now for a year. The day after I returned from camp I went in for a back injection and it worked for 4 weeks. It was wonderful to be without pain. Unfortunately it has returned and have been trying several things to relieve it. The only place I can sit and not be in really bad pain is my sewing chair. Lucky me!!! Trying to finish up some projects and starting new ones.

These are my 3 favorite ladies. My Mom (86) on back left, Aunt Dot (89) back right and Aunt Boo (84) in front.

A few weeks ago I took Mom and Aunt Dot to see Aunt Boo who is in a nursing home in Kerrville, TX. This was a 9 hour trip going and coming. It was a trip that needed to be made considering their ages and health. I am the only girl in this family and these ladies spoiled me rotten growing up. Wouldn't take anything for this picture.

Back to my sewing machine.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh the table runners turned out wonderful! They are so cute! And what a wonderful pic of mom and her sisters!

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