Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Michigan State Graduate showed up at our house on Sunday on his way to Austin, TX to pick up his sister who just finished her first year at UT.

I presented him with his graduation gift. A new quilt for his new condo in downtown Chicago where he will be working.

This of course is the Double Delight design by Bonnie Hunter that I named St. Patty's Double Delight. It was the perfect quilt for GS since it didn't have any flowers and green/white are Michigan State's colors. His comment was "thank goodness, Grandma, the other quilt you made me has about had it". I knew this because I had already repaired it twice.

CONGRATULATIONS to our graduate.


Bonnie said...

This turned out so GORGEOUS!! I love the turquoise and green together..it's just so happy, and so is your GS!!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh it is soooo awesome! And how cool that he was so excited! I love how this one turned out. But of course all your Bonnie quilts turned out awesome!

Mary said...

Happy Quilt, Happy Graduate and Happy Grandmother! Priceless