Monday, December 15, 2008

These lights were put up by yours truly. This is the backdrop and stage of the school where DD teaches Fine Arts to Head Start through 5th grade. Approximately 220 lovely adorable children.

Last weekend I was recruited by said daughter to help her decorate the stage for the Christmas programs. She of course is afraid of heights, so I had to climb a 15ft ladder to put up these lights with safety pins. There are apprx. 12 strands and that is a lot of trips up and down that ladder. There are certain parts of my body that are still in pain from this adventure.

These adorable children are her head start and pre K children who sang beautifully. Also performing after this group was the 1st and 2nd graders. Tomorrow night we get to see 3rd through 5th graders.

I just shake my head in wonder on how she handles all of these kids at one time and actually gets a great performance out of them.

A most enjoyable evening.


In September, I gave Dawn at Quilts and Pieces all my left over crumbs from making my Batik Jewels quilt. This week she returned them to me in a lot better shape than she got them.

Isn't this just adorable. The doll, mini quilt and basket are all made from my batik crumbs. I just love this and it makes me so happy to know my crumbs were appreciated. Thank you, Dawn.


Quilts And Pieces said...

WOW! I can't believe you hung all those lights! I couldn't do it. But I sure wouldn't make you do it either!! :)

That is one pretty cool regift! :)!!!!

belinda said... 'grandma' were you finally walk the 'catch' in your 'get along' healed up.....i was feeling your pain 'sista'.....yes, and i don't know how she does it either....all those young-uns....ooooooo!!

Kathie said...

the lights look great it was worth all your effort.
Nice thing your daughter does, bet she touches so many of these kids lives.
Dawn is so creative so nice of her to give you these from fabric you sent her.
how sweet.

Cornfield Quilter said...

I absolutely love all the gifts made out of batiks! What wonderful quilty friends you have, and talented too! :D

Cornfield Quilter said...

It's me again. I checked the size of the 9 patches in the quilt I finished quilting and they are 3 inches finished. Man, that is alot of 9-patches! :D

Fran said...

Jan, I look at those lights and if given the choice of tasks, climb the ladder or make 13 pillow quilts, I tell you I would have to choose the quilts. How you did this I have no idea, but girl you deserve a medal. DD better be very good to momma this Christmas, you deserve it.
Cute doll and mini quilt. That's another talent I wish I had. I can't seem to make anything that small. All my blocks have to be at LEAST 2" for me to be able to sew them.. Nice work Dawn.


Shasta said...

I couldn't string the lights either - I don't do heights well.
They are all adorable gifts. I hope you had a great Christmas and the rest of your holidays are happy.

Anonymous said...

Love the little doll and quilt! So cute!